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I really really want doccubus to be endgame. And sometimes I feel like they will be. But then I remember what the writers do. They do everything to try and please every single fan. They kept a triangle everyone hated for 4 seasons and they add a new character in and make her have a not so platonic relationship with bo. And anna silk said all relationships would be explored, bo would have new ties and new lovers. So yeah doccubus is screwed

itsnotadrink answered:

I know what you mean. But I really think they’re gonna give Bo what she deserves. Maturity. Anna confirmed that in interviews. Bo will be more mature, she has now taking her place as leader, she’s gonna face her responsabilities and get her shit together. There will be blood family issues for sure, with daddy and the big bad and some shitty elders and faes who don’t want things to change for sure too.

But about the person she is, she will be more mature, she will probably accept her succubus, fully without backing off her human heart. So she may have sex with others to heal, but she will commit herself with just one person, and it’s Lauren.

She’s in love with Lauren, she chose her, she loves her. It’s a fact and more. Dyson, she loves him but not that way anymore, not in a romantic way. He’s family. As Tamsin. They’re her friends. Her heart is Lauren’s. The writers did some shitty plots to give some unnecessary suspense and drama and all *cough* but I’m not worry about Doccubus. Because it’s also the writers who gave us Bo and Lauren. Who gave us “I’m yours”, and “I chose you." (the "you broke my heart" was for drama of course), they gave us the final kiss before battle, Casablanca style.

So, yes, they trolled us, teased us and all. But we couldn’t be able to see all of this - The Doccubus Endgame written in fire letters - (even if we have a lot of imagination) if they don’t intended to ;)

And if you still doubt.. Look at the sex/love scenes. We only have seen Bo with Dyson, Lauren and some random peeps, right?

Now look objectively, with Dyson it was to heal, maybe some romance at the start -and I’m not even sure actually.-, but now it’s more true than ever. Heal and sex. Did you see season 4? I did - my eyes still burn u_u” - and it was sex scenes. Not love. And these scenes were triggered by her emptiness, lack of memories(“do we know who we really are, what we really want when we don’t have memories?” Bo said) and Lauren’s absence or mention. It was rough sex, angry sex.. but not love. With Tamsin? they didn’t even show it. It was for fun -at least for Bo. I don’t know for Tamsin.- it was fae attraction but not love.

The only true sex scenes I have ever seen in this show that involved LOVE were with Lauren. And you can’t take that away. And if the writers didn’t want to make them endgame, they wouldn’t have given this to us. They made them canon more than any other couple.

Bo and Lauren ARE the true love romance of this show. It is full a drama, full of passion, full of love. She’s a fae succubus with a human heart and she’s a human, slave of the faes. Their biology doesn’t give them the chance to be monogamous together, they have faes laws against them, biology against them… But they love each other, no matter what and they will fight for each other no matter what. Because it’s what love does. It gives you the strength to fight battles that seem to be impossible to win.

Now keep faith and don’t give up on Doccubus. Never.

"Love conquers all. Soulmates for life. Carpe Lauren." Kenzi

"This is part of Bo&Lauren’s journey. We will be together in our own time." Bo

Completely agree.

Just some points in my opinion:

- Bo loves Dyson but like family, she’s not in love with him. He was maybe the first person that Bo felt she could trust in the Fae world. A whole new world for her and he had answers to questions she had her whole life (Like what she is?). And he was always a “safe choice” for her to heal. He will always be part of Bo’s life, as family.

- I dont think we can consider Tamsin as a romantic interest. Bo never showed interest in Tamsin that way. I dont even see it from Tamsin, i see guilt of she did (or was going to do) on season 3 to Bo, and even appreciation for what Bo did to her in both seasons 3 and 4. But not love. She became part of the family.

- Like it was said, Bo and Lauren are endgame. They told us that during all seasons with epic kisses at big battles or with a simple “I’m yours” and “I Choose you”. They are in love with each other. They are love.

I believe in happy endings. So i believe in Doccubus and their epic love. 

Last episode will be Bo and Lauren getting married and  then Ethan and Charlotte playing at the park while they share kisses and promises of eternal love